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“Popped a Molly, I’m sweating…Whoo!”- Trinidad James



Molly is the street name for the newest and most popular illegal drug of choice, Methylenedioxymethamphetamine; also know as, MDMA or ecstasy in its street pill form. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, molly is the powder or crystal form of MDMA. While ecstasy is found to be laced with everything from caffeine to methamphetamine, Molly is thought to be the pure version of MDMA.


Ecstasy was accidentally created by two scientists, Mannish and Jacobsohn in 1912,  intended to be a weight loss drug. It was not heavily marketed and the patent did not give a description of its purpose. The drug was taken off the market and inactive for roughly 40 years until reappearing in the military used as a “truth drug” given to soldiers being interrogated by their superiors.  The drug was believed to force honesty from the soldier being interrogated.

In the early 1980′s, Texas college students began using the drug, ecstasy, regularly as it was even available in bars. In 1987, ecstasy became popular with the rave culture on the small spanish island of Ibiza making its way to warehouses and outdoor raves in England, and all the way back to the States as English users began to migrate to San Francisco in the 1990′s. Before it was banned in the 1980′s, marriage counselor’s also used ecstasy to get couples to open up to one another during sessions.


As ecstasy use and rave-clubbing have become almost synonymous with one another, more users are switching to the pure form of MDMA in Molly and creating a cultural movement while doing so. As techno music has now infused with the sound of hip hop, we are seeing that the two genres are sharing; not only sounds, but favorite drug of choice. KanyeKanye West introduced the techno world to the hip hop world and vice versa with his hit single “Stronger” (which samples techno group Daft Punk). Shortly after its release, Busta Rhyme’s song “Touch It” was released with heavy techno sampling as well.

Today, the sounds of techno/pop are infused in almost every hip hop and R&B song on the radio as artist are referencing Molly more than former-favorite drug of choice, marijuana. Molly is being promoted by hip hop artist at an alarming rate. Its almost as if some of these artist have endorsement deals with the illegal substance’s manufactures.  Rappers from Trinidad James to Rick Ross and French Montana to Rihanna have popularized the drug in recent song. Other rappers, like Slaughter House’s and VH1′s “Love and Hip Hop’s” Joe Budden, are against the glorification of the drug’s use. A struggling/recovering drug-addict himself, the rappers seems to not want fans to be mislead and travel down the same road as he.


joe buddens

Speaking on his recent addiction to Molly he states, “I didn’t see a problem with the fact that maybe five days would go by without sleeping,” Budden told a Fox affiliate in New Jersey. “I didn’t see a problem with the fact that maybe I was hallucinating at times. I didn’t see a problem with the fact that I just couldn’t get up and walk sometimes.” 

“Something bout Mary, she gone off that Molly/ Now the whole party, is melted like Dali”- Kanye West


Molly users say the drug gives them a euphoric feeling all over as their senses are stimulated as well as amplified. This feeling can potentially last for several hours, according to users. The drug makes a person feel empathetic and open to hugging and loving everyone. Users, just as Joe Budden, have also admitted to hallucinating after using the drug. After being ingested, it floods the brain with neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, making users feel elated, empathic and full of energy. It is a psychedelic stimulant according to the DEA. With its mood-enhancing properties, MDMA is being studied as possible treatment for post-traumatic syndrome.


Despite there being less than 4% of emergency room visits caused by MDMA, no one really knows the ramifications or hazards of its continuous use. Many have chosen Molly as their drug of choice due to the limited side effects associated with its usage. Users say that there are little to no withdrawal symptoms and the risk of physical addiction is low.

DEA spokesperson Rusty Payne says, “(Suppliers) are making it look like something that is safe and easy to take, but in many cases, you’re playing Russian roulette.”


Another factor in determining the reason for Molly’s meteoric rise in recent history is its name. The innocence and appeal in a name like Molly is what welcomes users to its potentially dangerous properties. The first person that comes to mind when hearing the term for the first time is childhood star, Molly Ringwald.  


In movies like  ”The Breakfast Club”, “Sixteen Candles”, and “Pretty in Pink”, Molly Ringwald’s name became household for being the all-american girl next door. One doesn’t envision Molly being a mind-altering, hallucination-inducing, drug when promoted in song. Hip hop has used many personifying colloquialisms to describe streets drugs from: boy, girl, reggie, and now Molly. While rappers and other entertainers glorify and promote its usage, be sure to do your own research on its effects if you ever decide to put Molly inside of your body. 














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    Good article G…


    I had no idea that Molly’s had very little side effects. To be honest, I’m not a drug user at all, but reading this almost makes me want to try this drug of choice. I hear lots of people around saying how good it feels to pop one. If it makes you sweat then I’m assuming you are losing weight from it as well.

    • Geno Buie

      Thanks for reading the article, but in no way does FEEN endorse the sell, use, or distribution of any illegal drugs. I’m glad you gained something from the exchange.


    Great article. I can see why it may be considered for weightloss with all of the different effects, except the hallucinations.

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